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Retail Spaces Interiors – Defining Brand Narratives

The designer nooks that sell uniquely created pieces has to be designed unique. The treatment has to imbibe the designers vision and style statement. It could be reflective of their colour preference, branding, the exotic places they represent or could exude style from an era they propagate. Whatever it may be, it requires a specialized design board created to present the designer to the world on their own pedestal.

Retail corner’s aesthetics

A retail store’s layout, has to follow a checklist of sorts for it to fulfill the purpose its been created for. For starters, an attractive display that’s illuminated enough to serve as eye-candy and rope the shopper’s in. Shopper’s are big on mirrors, so that they can closely examine every inch of the item that they wish to purchase. Within the confines of the store appropriately position the products on exquisite pieces of furniture. Chandeliers will accentuate the space and make sure the lighting is just right. Let the air be fragrant with a sweet fragrance and the store be abuzz with soothing music. Bougainvillea Design Studio can design for you retail spaces that enhance brand narratives.

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