Welcome to Bougainvillea Design Studio

Based out of Bengaluru, Bougainvillea Design is an Interior Design Consultancy founded by Bharti Girdhar that combines creativity, ergonomics, passion, research and expertise to transform spaces into living habitats – residential or commercial. Bougainvillea Design also pioneered the Home Maker Coach concept in interior design that offers professional design consultancy customized to the client’s specific need, and for some specific services.

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Bougainvillea Design Studio

Bharti Girdhar / Founder

"Where do new ideas come from ? The answer is simple : differences. Creativity comes from unlikely juxtapositions," said Nicholas Negroponte. My belief in adding life to spaces has not been any different. At Bougainvillea Design, our aim has been to architecture a new perspective in design that also equally values utility & aesthetics.

Our Work

invigorating spaces

Interior Design Workshops

Bougainvillea conducts workshops for Interior Design students and professionals . The workshop series, branded as 'The Design Strategist' helps enable the students and professionals deal with practicalities and issues of the business.


Upcoming Book from Bougainvillea Design

HomeWISE from Bougainvillea Design is an upcoming handbook that will eventually become your reference point whenever you think of designing a new space. It is a journal of the founder's experience of making of 200 odd homes in the beautiful city of Bangalore. A journey of understanding people, their dreams, their expectations from life and selves and how that morphs out their unique statement of home design.