Library & Private Study

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A Book Lover’s Paradise

Books, books and lots of books and a warm space to house all that ! A home library can impart character and warmth to any space, be it a whole room or a single wall or just a passage. Add an antique Shakespeare writing desk or a cozy window seat, or a contemporary reading book, or a large comfortable Georgian couch, whatever your style maybe, it never fails to impress. However, it does ask for an effort to understand the principles of efficient shelving, stacking, display and easy retrieval to create a space that can outlast a generation and cherished for years.

A Room to Inspire

While in the process of stacking up your library, its vital to ensure there is room to add in more books in the future. It will add a nice touch if the room is equipped with large windows, it is also in a way going to be your thinking room.

Bougainvillea Design Studio, can create a Library and Private Study that will enshrine memories and knowledge for your future generations.

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