Bougainvillea Design Studio’s design philosophy is embedded in our strong conviction that creating visual balances along with seamless functionality is the bedrock of great interior design. The magic lies in balancing aesthetic elegance with visual generosity. Woven into our work is texture, warmth, refined comfort and a sense of the client’s personality.

Our Interior Design Services could be broadly classified under three categories :

1. Design Consulting


Advice to client supported with design scheme
Establish Scope
Needs: Current & Future
Functionality: Utility of each area based on need, ergonomics, space and light optimization
Interior design quotient
Preference of materials

Establish Style
Preference of style: Modern, Ethnic, Classic, European
Likes and dislikes of various aspects: Colour, Texture, Grandeur, Opulence, Shapes

Design Consulting Process
Interactive Meetings
Build Style Preference Catalogue

Design Consulting Deliverables
Virtual tour of the Specified Area including
Furniture Design
Colour Schemes
Dimensional Drawings of the Plan

2. Execution Support

Along with our complete support in Design Consulting, Bougainvillea Design facilitates and supports the execution of the approved interior design, being the client’s perfect aide during the project implementation.

Facilitation of Design Scheme to Implementation Contractors
Support Client on Project Management aspects – Advice on Timeline, Cost and Quality
Support buying and Selection of Design elements: Wall effects, Tiles, Light Fixtures, Furnishings, Art and Accessories

Client engages implementation contractors; Carpenter, Modular, Civil, Fabricator, Electrician, Plumber etc.
We support selection and negotiation being on the client’s side
Client agrees support scope with us
Services: Where client needs our support?
Level of support: How much and how long?

Meetings and Monitoring Support as agreed with the client
Support to client during selection/negotiation of Implementation Contractors
Explanation of design scheme to contractors
Monitoring work and progress of the contractors
Reporting back to the client: specially on what is not working well and anticipated issues
Procurement (Shopping) support


3. Turn-Key Projects: Implementation

Turnkey, as the name suggests, incorporates end-to-end processes within a project by providing all the required services to design and build your interior space, by managing the project from the first point of contact, through to handing over of the keys. Opting for integrated turnkey solutions ensures a single point of contact for interiors, thereby, minimising the risk of dealing with multiple suppliers.


Design Consulting
Overall Implementation on pre-agreed Scope, Cost and Timeline
Room Makeovers or
Overall Interiors from Ground-zero

Overall delivery responsibility of the Project Scope

Client engages us for the overall Project at pre-agreed Scope, Cost and Timeline
Agree Project scope
Services, Deliverables, Cost, Schedule
Manage change in scope thru a formal way

Final product and deliverables as agreement in Scope and subsequent agreed changes

4. The Interior Design Clinic

This form of engagement entails micro-design services. A lot of times people are in a situation where they require an expert opinion or validation of some aspects in their home which doesn’t require a full-fledged engagement of a designer. Such services could mean an opinion on kid’s room refurbishment, validation of choice of material, sprucing up of the living room, covering a patio, additional storage space in a corner, change in the color scheme of a room, making home ready for festivals or an event, amongst others.


5. The Design Strategist – Interior Design Workshops


Bougainvillea Design Studio conducts regular workshops for interior design students and professionals. The workshop series, branded as ‘The Design Strategist’ helps enable the students and professionals deal with practicalities and issues of the business.


6. Customised Furniture Pieces


Be it a Curio cabinet, a bar unit, a mantle, a console, a treasure chest or a Puja ensemble, you can add your own unique touch to these and turn them into Family heirlooms, hand me downs or just a very special monogrammed gift for Weddings, Baby showers or Home warming.


Our Engagement Methods


Our Engagement Methodology enables remote working thru technology (Email, Skype, Phone) for most consulting services. Some services that require personal meetings, supervision or onsite visits are enabled via an on-premise model.

Our clients have been using our Remote model for a wide range of services

– Full Design Schemes for a Room or entire House
– Auditing Services – Review and of 3rd party Workmanship, Material, Quotations
– Quick Advisory Services such as: Color Consulting, Decoration, Effective Lighting, Furniture/Furnishings Placement, De-cluttering a room, Pulling together

– Full Design Schemes / Signature Design
– 3rd Party Supervision / Project Management
– Full or Partial Implementation