What this book is not.
It is not a theory book on Interior design.
What this book is.
It is a handbook that will eventually become your reference point whenever you think of designing a new space.

It is a journal of my experience of making of 200 odd homes in the beautiful city of Bangalore. It is my journey of understanding people, their dreams, their expectations from life and selves and how that morphs out their unique statement of home design. It is my learning while I explored the nitty gritty and challenges of constructing unique pieces of furniture and spinning specialised furnishings for each home I created holding hands with my clients. It humbled and overwhelmed me many a times as I reached the climax of completion of yet another home.

I was amazed and touched by how easily I was granted the privilege to be such an integral part of someone’s personal voyage of making a new home, a new life.

It taught me many a lessons. This book is an attempt to share the same.
These lessons not only will enrich sensibilities around home making but will also guide one to be savvy with budgets and materials.
Some lessons will expose the malpractices and myths in this field of work hence making you a smart & vigilant consumer and saving you time and money.
It is also your guide to how to simplify design visualisation and expressing your ideas on paper or technology.
It will hold your hand and mentor you while you implement your Interior design plan.
Hence this book is derived from real time instances of real time projects and clients. ( Their names and places are however changed to maintain their privacy)
It is dedicated to all my clients, who became a part of my journey as much as I became theirs.

For Students and beginners

For those wishing to intern and polish their skills before jumping into this very complex yet fulfilling field of Interior designing.
So, here we are, graduates, post graduates, degree holders or diploma holders of a good, unsatisfying or a reasonable Interior design course. We are ready to hit the market and present ourselves as capable Interior designers. Or are we? More often than not, the colleges or design institutes include an internship and lessons in executing a typical interior design project. Mine did too.

And I came out of my college, ready to conquer the world. Fortunately for me, 20 years back, the competition in my city was minimal. This was both good and bad. Good obviously, but bad because I figured there was meagre demand for the professionals. Contractors and carpenters reigned and there were very few home design enthusiasts.

However, I slowly penetrated and moved ahead through much reliable circle of word of reference. I learnt some precious and painful lessons on the job and sometimes paid heavily for them. Hence it took me at least four to five years to gain the knowledge, skill, tact and strategy required to get the job done. Working with a spectrum of workers, some excellently skilled but illiterate, some literate but ill mannered, some like precious gems and others a waste of time and energy taught me umpteen lessons in the power of understanding human behaviour, self assurance, firmness, politeness, judgement, diplomacy, resourcefulness, adherence to quality and most important of all accountability.

Here in this book, you will find it all.
You have the know how of principles of Interior Design. This is a manual for you to understand the do’s and don’ts for a professional.
This also will help broaden your perspective on how to understand your clients requirements and how to mentor them while executing your interior design projects.
This will provide you an insight into the field of contractors and carpenters’ hence enabling you to polish your negotiating and supervisory skills.
It will bust some of your myths about this branch of design hence equipping you with knowledge and skill required to guide and counsel your client authentically.