9 interior design budgeting tips for doing up your home


For a lot of people, doing up a home means spending big money. While the activity does call for expenditure, it doesn’t have to be always big. We bring you 9 tips to decorate your home on a budget.

1 – Apply Practices of Project Management

Set timelines, phases, milestones, etc just like how you would on a business project. Sticking to them can keep you focused and keep your costs low. It’s especially crucial for your budget for it helps you pre-plan and work out the costs in advance so you know exactly how much to spend where in how much time. The practice encourages optimum usage of resources, as well as time.

2 – Prioritize Your Expenditure

Setting up a new home, or re-doing it is incredibly exciting and even more so when you start the shopping. But when you’re limited by a budget, prioritizing is your best friend. Make a list of things you need in order of importance and stick to it.

Example: Don’t have too much space? Spend the big bucks on a storage cabinet rather than an expensive chandelier if you seem to be running short on space.

3 – Repurpose What You Already Have


When it comes to creativity and ideas, the sky is the limit. Don’t always throw away items just because they’re old or don’t fit in with your design style anymore. Look for exciting ways to give them a fancy makeover. A new colour, a little addition or subtraction here and there can really go a long way and save you a LOT of money. A win-win all the way!

4 – DIY It With A Carpenter & A Consultant

At Bougainvillea Design Studio, we have worked with several clients to create pieces of furniture that they liked in a store or online from scratch for a fraction of a price. Of course, the activity does require relatively more efforts when compared to shopping, but trust us, the price difference can be really worth it at times. However, if you lack technical knowledge, we strongly suggest you run your plan by a consultant who can guide you on materials, design, strength, durability and more based on your requirements, needs and lifestyle.

5 – Go For Bold Colours


The fact that gorgeous and delectable colours can instantly turn a space around is no secret. Adding colours is an art and one that’s not difficult to master. The key lies in correct assessment of light and space in the room and the vibe and mood you want to create. Do up your house in interesting colours and you’ll have yourself an eye popping and swoon-worthy space for a low cost.

6 – Add a touch of Nature

Natural indoor plants add a lot of cheer to living spaces at a fraction of costs of expensive accessories. Planned and maintained well, they will make your spaces blossom with organic and peaceful energy.

7 – Fabrics work wonders


Believe it or not, giving your space a soft makeover can do absolute wonders! Work with good quality fabrics which echo your design scheme to turn around any dull and shabby interior space to a wonderfully inviting one.  Not only are they large on the impact, they’re also easy on the pockets!

9 – Mood Lighting

Unlike popular belief, one doesn’t always need expensive and tedious false roofing to create the light ambiance that completely changes the mood palate of the room. For example, Use a top of a wardrobe or the underside of the top cabinet to install a soft white ordinary tube light to see the impact it has on the ambiance. Thrifty…isn’t it?!

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