10 Interior Design Ideas you would want for your home


We’ve been around, doing interiors for a while now and we have worked with some truly amazing people on some very wonderful projects. We’ve implemented some super unique ideas and we’re bringing you 10 that you might love too!

1. A Burgundy and Red combination with Wooden Accents


A well composed light feature with the Buddha theme. Bold, yet affordable.

2. A lovely home office like this can brighten up the gloomiest days


#Pro tip: Displaying a colourful collection of your favourite pieces can bring in warmth and a homely feeling to an other wise formal space.

3. Creating a corner that is enough to lighten up an entire room


A little bling added with silver sequin fabric and a co-ordinated painting.

4. Giving your Kitchen a pop of colour


An accent colour can only add to the glitter of white and not take away from it.

5. Going the multiple color route with your living room. Move over neutrals !


Sometimes, putting together unlikely colours can yield wonderful results! Like in the one here, who would have thought sea green and red could look so lovely!

6. A Bar as cosy and warm as this


Sip on wine at night or have some pancakes in the morning, this bar doubles up as a breakfast counter too!

7. A blue-coloured ceiling. How often do you even get to see that?


An ugly ceiling turned glam by just adding a bright blue and an inexpensive pine ceiling feature.

8. A lovely and calm reading room as this one


9. A Walkway that is interesting as the Living Room / Dining Room


Ceiling features and light effects can instantly add drama to an otherwise plain lobby or walkway.

10. A smart, yet open segregation of the TV Room and the Living Room

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