This form of engagement entails micro design services. A lot of times people are in a situation where they require an expert opinion or validation of some aspects in their home which doesn’t require a full-fledged engagement of a designer. Such services could mean an opinion on kid’s room refurbishment, validation of choice of material, sprucing up of the living room, covering a patio, additional storage space in a corner, change in the color scheme of a room, making home ready for festivals or an event, amongst others.

Bougainvillea Design Studio has been providing these micro services that typically last 1-4 hours including an occasional home visit.

Popular Interior Design Services

  •  Efficient Space and Layout Plan
  • Quote evaluation
  • Budget planning and allocation
  • Material specification guidance
  • Strategies for pain-free implementations

Additional Services

  •  CAD Drawings
  •  3D Visualization Drawings
  •  Onsite Design solutions
  •  Room Makeovers


Clients come with the problem statement, pictures of the area or wish list and arrange for a meeting – in person or via Skype.


On case to case basis, a solution in form of advice, review, a sketch or action plan is provided.


The Interior Design Clinic offering by Bougainvillea Design is easy on pocket – it costs Rs.1500 for the first hour and Rs.500 for every additional 30 minutes.

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