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Abundant Positive Vibes

Irrespective of religions and faith, we all need a little area set aside for either traditional rituals, meditation or any form of spirituality.

Depending upon one’s faith, belief and routine, a home must accommodate a space for same. Be it a small nook or shelf propped on a wall facing east or a cleverly crafted multipurpose Puja unit or a small room dedicated to prayers and meditation, this is a room that needs to exude abundant positive vibes. Care has to taken to facilitate not only daily routine rituals but also foster family celebrations and festivals.

Respect is Everything

While designing a Pooja room, make sure that you give the area immense respect. Constructing it adjoining a bathroom is a sign of disrespect. It is advisable to have it set up in the living room space. Also make sure that the area has an inbuilt cabinet to stow all the essentials that one may require while performing prayers. Pooja Room being an area where people seek positive vibes should be painted in light hues. Let Bougainvillea Design studio help you design a Pooja Room in a way that offers you calmness in the chaos and make you feel in unison with the almighty.

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