Bar Lounges & Media Rooms

Design Experience

Breakfast bars and Drinks bars

Homemakers through the last decade have shown inclination to include these very exclusive dedicated spaces to their homes.An excellent idea which not only helps in catering to the obvious but also adds lots of character to the adjoining areas. One can use this feature to create a style statement and have a play with bold colors and textures to set this area apart. However even subtle splashes of hues with simple but bold light features can also add an oomph factor to the scheme of things.

Let the Fun Times Roll

These can also double up as Family rooms or lounges. It is an ideal place to exchange pleasantries of the day, share a drink, sit and mull over things or catch the latest movie. A wall mounted big screen, safe and intelligent electrical lights and wiring, perfect acoustics enabled by wood/leather paneled interiors, comfy recliners or couches lend themselves to create a perfect haven for entertainment within our own four-walls.

Add a bar counter, or a pool table, or a games counter and you are ready to entertain anyone who comes knocking.

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