Kids Room Interiors

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For that special member in the family

The Kid’s Room is that corner of the house which is designed with utmost love and care. All parents want to present their children with a kingdom of their dreams to blossom in.

Tone it Up? Or Tone it Down?

One has to keep in mind a few essentials while designing a child’s room. The children room interior should be a balance between vibrant and simple. Feature furniture is an excellent purchase for a child’s room, it will enable them to see the contents of a cabinet. The bright wallpaper maybe enticing, but limiting it to one wall will give the best results. Throw in some decorative items like perhaps a string of lights on the plain colored walls. Or you could leave it like a blank canvas for your child to deck up with his creativity. To complement the plain colored walls, you could accessorize the area with vivid colored objects, perhaps a bright-colored lamp shade.

Parents tend to go overboard while designing a child’s room, always bear in mind your child may outgrow the design. Bougainvillea Design Studio can design a room that’s like a safe haven for your kid, and will linger in the recesses of their memories in adulthood.

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