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Entertainment & Dining with your Loved Ones

What used to be called as Baithaks or Sitting rooms are now popularly called as Family rooms. While the Living rooms are the formal spaces to receive and entertain our guests, the family rooms serve the same for householders and their informal friends and family.

They can be alternate sitting areas with high comfort and low maintenance quotient. You may like to combine entertainment and dining in such areas or you may like it to be a quiet comfortable working cum reading space, the choice is entirely yours. It surely helps to keep the living room well maintained and uncluttered on most days while providing an additional seating area to chill during party times .

Family Rooms Design Essentials

Comfortable seating, a center table, and a television are few of the essentials that go into making the ideal family time. Family rooms are a more or less the hub of activities in the house. It is the area where toddlers waddle around, children complete their homework whle the family members hang about.

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