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Bedroom Interior Design

More than a place to sleep, bedrooms have been on expansion mode in the last decade. They can now be a room that accommodates not only wardrobes but also, an entertainment unit, a study, a lounger for the afternoon siesta or a breakfast nook for a quick grub before one goes out to meet the mad rush of the outdoors.

A Bedroom is not just another Room

We design bedrooms with this around the core concept of flexibility for its end users – in short it is a handful of design layouts that co-exist as one, each catering to a specific space requirement of the user. To us at Bougainvillea Design Studio, the bedroom is the personalised retreat of the homeowner and need to be designed that way, in all aspects.

If the foundation, function and finishing details are taken care of in the process, the end result would be a space that functions and suits the homeowners’ lifestyle.

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