Bathroom Interiors

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Bathrooms are not just Rooms

Washrooms, restrooms or powderooms, whatever we tag them, they are spaces we use to refresh and cleanse ourselves. But like any other room in our homes, they have a lot of potential for reinvention. Out-of-the-box thinking can create a space that only serves its purpose most effectively but can also exhibit your unique style statement while keeping in mind critical parameters like use of wet and dry areas. Paintings, plants, artefacts displayed safely in nooks, ambient lights, large mirrors to maximize the space and beautifully crafted storage consoles can easily be incorporated in our bathrooms.

Essential requisites for the Bath Ritual

As you paddle about in the area, you will require appropriately positioned mirrors with just the right amount of lighting to check your reflection. Also it is vital to sit down with the designer and freeze in on the layout of the space. The two layout or the three layout area come with perks of its own. So do a thorough study and make a well informed decision. Bougainvillea design studio can offer you consultation, to help understand what suits your needs and design a bathroom space that will ease your pressing tensions with its pleasing ambience.

Looking for a Bathroom Transformation ?

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