Design process sketch

Step 1: Contact Us

We will assess your need and advise you on the suitable Engagement Model and the next steps, including Cost of Services. As Interior Design Consultants, we offer a broad spectrum of services ranging from ‘Resolution of niggles, Design ideation, Development of a design concept, Design layouts, Auditing work quality and work plans, Auditing costs, to taking over the fully responsibility of Design, Project Management and its Implementation.

Step 2 : Preliminary Assessment

In the initial assessment stage, we would like to learn about:
Your needs, likes/dis-likes, style, color and material preferences and budget. For most situations, we require measurements, spans to assess the fixed & standing furniture layouts and arrive at some sense of the cost. Especially for the room-makeovers, we also ask that you provide us with pictures of your room and including the pictures of a few “inspiration” rooms that you like or aspire for. That aids us to better understand your expectations. We will guide you how to provide and dispatch the requisite information.

Step 3 : Work Plan and Deliverables

Depending upon need and other factors, we assess and mutually agree on a plan. The Schedule and Deliverables include Design Board, Design Layout, Images and Walkthrough, Shopping Bucket, Audit/Assessment Reports and the Work Plan, chiefly amongst others.