Interior Design Myths that you should shed


Doing up a home is a big deal! There are so many ideas, tips and DIYs out there. However, where there is advice, there is also incorrect information. We de-bunk some of the biggest interior design myths for you!

Myth 1 : It Takes Big Budgets to Get Beautiful Decorating Results

This one is easily one of the biggest myths that exists. There’s no doubt everyone would love an inflow of unlimited dough when it comes to interior decoration but it’s important to know that ultimately, money is not what makes the design. Of course, there is always a minimum amount one needs to spend to ensure good quality and workmanship but it’s crucial to understand money spent is not directly proportional to the creativity of an interior space. Beyond that it’s the matter of good taste and smart choices. If lost, it makes sense to seek expert help at this stage and that will stop you from being pennywise and pound foolish. Don’t believe us? Look around you and you’ll always find average homes that spent big bucks on interior design and modest homes that are done up oh-so-beautifully!

Myth 2 : Working With Ceilings Is Risky


Most people just leave the ceilings alone.

“Will my room look shorter?”

“Will my room look too chunky?”

“Will it look too OTT?”

These are questions that cross everyone’s minds and rightly so. Designer ceilings are not something we see on a regular basis. However, it’s actually interesting to note that a unique ceiling can totally up your points on the interior design charts. Don’t be afraid to play with colours, patterns and even new materials to keep it interesting. Think of your ceiling as a blank canvas that can really be dressed to accentuate the theme you’re aiming for in that space. Of course, a little consultation from an interior designer here can really go a long way!

Myth 3 : Small Rooms Must Be White, Or A Pale Neutral Colour

Let’s be honest – painting your room white cannot magically make it appear a whole lot larger! The size and scale of a room have less to do with just wall colour alone and more to do with a combination of other elements such furniture scale, placement, accent pieces etc.

Myth 4 : Don’t Mix Patterns and Prints!


Ah! This is one of the oldest and most common interior design myth. The classic mix and match game has often given us beautiful results. Checks and florals, plaid and stripes, squares and circles – they all can live together beautifully with a little bit of effort. It’s certainly something that needs a lot of thought and effort involved but when done right, the end product can be a mesmerizing melange of two lovely patterns seamlessly working together to add beauty to your space. Pro Tip: Stick to a specific colour palette for when you want to mix it up!

Myth 5 : Stick To One Focal Point


When a room consists of so many different elements (walls, corners, windows, etc), why just focus on one? Give each wall a focal point in order to add texture, and dimension to your room. Decorate the windows, corners – your walls aren’t worried about the stolen thunder we promise! By paying attention to every nook and corner of the room rather than one also helps in infusing your own sense of style and personality to the room.

Myth 6 : Stick To One Style

We are multifaceted individuals with a diverse range of likes, hobbies, passions and more. It’s highly unlikely you’ll have just one favourite when it comes to design too. It’s possible to love both, Mediterranean and classic English country styles, no matter how different they are. Our homes should be done keeping exactly this in mind. Blending, merging or infusing various styles give your home a layered feel and is perhaps one of the best way to incorporate your sense of style and personality into your home.

Myth 7 : The Most Important Piece of Furniture Is Your Couch


No! Nope. Na-ah! There is no hard and fast rule that your couch is your most important piece of furniture. Sure, it could be, if that’s how you want it, but in no way is that a compulsion. Your home’s most important piece of furniture could also be your bookshelf or dining table instead. It’s also important to keep in mind that your usage of space and your lifestyle that determine your most important piece of furniture.

Pro Tip : If you do move homes often, then it’s essential to keep that fact in mind before you splurge on something that may be difficult carrying with you to your next destination.

Myth 8 : White Spaces Are Uninviting


A colour alone isn’t enough to make a space inviting or uninviting. There’s a lot more that goes into make a space either of the two. When done wrong, white can be cold, monotonous and stark, but when done right, it can transform the place to soothing, tranquil and peaceful sanctuary. Use different shades of white, interesting décor items, plants to make a white space seem magical!

Myth 9 : An Accent Wall Is Necessary To Make A Room Pop Up

An interesting wall can definitely pop up a room but it isn’t the only one of the options to do so. You don’t need a bold coloured wall or an interesting patterned one to give your home a striking look and feel. A room is made up of several key elements like furniture, storage spaces, artwork, cushion covers and more that can all be used to do this. A wall is just one of them.

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