Things to keep in mind before hiring a interiors work contractor


We often have our own ideas when it comes to interiors and design and most of us turn to a contractor when it comes to getting them implemented. But how can we judge whether the contractor we have picked is suitable or not? We’re bringing you a few points.

1. References & previous Projects

The first and foremost thing to do before hiring anyone, for any job, is speaking to their previous clients. And hiring a contractor should be no different. Speak to earlier clients, take a look at their previous projects’ photographs (even better if you can compare it with the original concept drawing) and get an idea on how helpful, timely, honest and good the contractor was.

2. Similar Style

An important thing to observe would be if the contractor has done any previous work, similar to yours. For example: If your work has a contemporary touch to it, it would be better to go with someone who has worked with similar styles. If you want an European feel, a contractor who has worked extensively with Indian styles and hardly any European ones may not be the ideal choice.

3. Similar Materials

Each material is different and so is the way of working with it. Identify the materials you will be using for your projects and see how much and how extensively your contractor has worked with them.

While the above are a few ways of figuring out how good a contractor is, they’re still just half the points. There are many more ways to evaluate a contractor which only a professional can do.

4.Concepts compared to final project

Yes, we have mentioned this in one of the above points too, but the reality is, a lot of times, an untrained eye may not be able to make out the difference between the original concept/drawing and final project photograph as there might be lots of hidden differences in details.


Costs for any project highly depend upon the time taken to finish it. Therefore, an evaluation of the estimated time frame is a must. A professional interior design consultant will not only help you out with timelines, but will also evaluate the contractor’s work and payment schedule.

6.Hidden Costs

More often than not, initial pricing turns out to be very different than the final one. Each material as a different measurement scale and prices per square feet and running square feet can be different. Because of these reasons, it can be extremely difficult to judge the final price and also see how honest your contractor is.

7.Actual Pricing

Only a trained professional will know whether the quote the contractor has presented is at par with market rate or not. Knowing if your contractor’s rates are high or low is an essential part in evaluating him.

Bougainvillea Studio understands that setting up a home, or even a part of it is a big deal. No one likes to end up with a disappointing end result and hence, contractor evaluation is a must. We also understand that contractor evaluations aren’t easy for an untrained individual.

Keeping the above in mind, we offer ‘Contractor Evaluation’ as a part of our services. To know more about the same, please contact us.

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