Quick & Easy ways to brighten up your home’s dull areas


Interiors aren’t something we can change everyday but we give you 6 #protips that can be set up in a relatively short period of time with stunning results.

Read on to know more.

1. Painting for the Kitchen or Bathroom


Use bright and coloured abstract paintings to light up a dull bathroom or kitchen.

2. Thematic Valences


Trust them to bring in drama to any dull window instantly.

3. Bring the outdoors, indoor


Put a few pots of money plants and stone crunch. Add some white pebbles in the pot and cover the mud and voila! You’ve instantly created an outdoor feel inside your house.

4. Cushions bringing in the colour


Cushions can easily add a pop of colour to any space. And what’s better? They can be changed according to one’s mood.

5. Use smart & indirect ambient lighting


Dramatic effects can be created with smart ambient lighting. Example: Use fairy lights on an artificial plant to create a cheerful and bright corner.

6. Lighting up a dark room

Get a yellow coloured tube light, placed above window pelmet, to face upwards. It will instantly light up a room, in a relatively unique manner. And like we all know, tube lights are super easy to change. So that’s a win win!

The above are just a few pointers. There are plenty of more ways one can brighten up certain dull areas in the house. To get a one one one, personalized consultation for your home, call us on 9845192780 to know more and book an appointment.

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