9 Reasons to hire an Interior Design Consultant


An innovative concept floated in Bangalore by Bougainvillea, where you have a professional Interior Designer available to you and by your side on need basis and for some specific services. While it is best to engage a full-time Interior Designer to implement your design scheme it is sometimes not practical for smaller works, room makeover, furniture re-modelling or for cost constraints.

What does one do for such situations? Are there professionals available, whom one could reach out for advice or employ for specific service say for evaluation of carpenter’s work or advise on colour coordination or furniture and furnishing styling?

Bougainvillea offers this service in Bangalore -and we are flexible enough to customise our consulting based on your needs.

It may be to clarify some niggling issues or to get a full design scheme, we do it all keeping in mind lines of confinement you draw.

If you are planning to set up a house or make a change in your current one or even if you aren’t, read on to know the benefits of engaging an Interior Design Consultant.

1. Cutting down Costs

Many people already know their design scheme, they don’t want to engage a full time designer and save that overhead. Fair! Yet there are many aspects which bother one – Have I got the right quote from the carpenter? Are there cheaper alternatives – better materials or, better ways of implementing this design. Is the chosen design scheme functionally effective or is it space efficient or conducive to the house layout?

An Interior Design Consultant entrusted with this service can guide you or walk along by your side negotiating and evolving a better scheme in terms of design, functionality and value.

With our experience the Consultant can bring down your costs by up to 30%!

2. Options Galore

Most people think that their carpentry contractor will be the best person to tell them about the options. However, with the advancements in the field today, there is so much that your contractor may not know but an interior designer will. There’s something to suit every taste, every budget in the market today.

3. Quality Audit

So you’ve hired a contractor for a job, but how do you know he’s doing it with full integrity or the material being used is per specifications? Is he following the work schedule? Have you evolved a payment tracker and based it on his work schedule?

There is nothing worse than a lop sided payment schedule. A consultant, with one house visit can tell if you if things are going in the right direction or not and avoid any premature release of payment.

4. Attention to Detail

There are certain things that only a specialist’s eye can catch. The consultant can visualize the end product while it is work in progress. They may be small details, but they can make a whole lot of difference.

5. Technical Knowledge

Interiors don’t just involve creativity, but a whole lot of technique too. While you may have finalized on the design, materials, methods for your home, only a professional Consultant can tell you if it is technically sound or not. In fact, a consultant can even review your design from a professional and technical point of view.

6. Correct Vendor Linkages

A friend recommended a contractor and you decided to hire him/her. However, there’s more to this. Is that contractor really the best for your project? If your friend’s requirement was simple and yours, a complicated one, chances are, you might need a more experienced contractor. On the other hand, if your requirements are simpler than what your friend’s were, you may find a more economical contractor. An interior consultant will not only have the best contacts, but will also know which one of them will be best suited for your work.

7. Experience

This might be your first time but the Consultant has interacted with many clients before. Which is why he/she has seen many people interacting with certain kinds of designs earlier and understood what works and what doesn’t. You might love an idea, but an interior consultant might be able to point out pros and cons of it based on his/her experience from previous clients.

8. Customised Information

There’s plenty of information on the net, but it may not necessarily suit you. If you are going in for a customized design, isn’t it better to get customized information instead of generic information?

9. Your Own Design

Perhaps one of the best thing. You can choose to hire the interior consultant to only bring knowledge to the table and not design. So yes, you can go ahead and channel your inner designer without a hitch!

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